BJY School 2016/2017 Graduation/Speech Day

15th July, 2017 marked another milestone as the school celebrated her Graduation/ speech and prize giving day.

Guests from various parts of the country graced the occasion, most especially the parents of the graduants.

The ceremony saw the graduants march to their seats in their colourful gowns as they found themselves moving to another echelon in their educational pursuit.

Various events took place on that glorious day; ranging from song presentation by the school choir (Bishop’s Voices) as well as the school brigade. There was also choreography presentation and news casting by the primary session; poem recitation and career showcase by the nursery session; and drama presentation by the school press club.

In the course of the ceremony, the Principal, Mrs. Ofulue Adewumi presented her welcome speech.

Also, there was a seminar by the Guest speaker; Mrs. Okechukwu; a lecturer in FCT College of Education, Zuba, which was centred on the role of parents to their children.

Other colourful events included fashion parade which showcased the fashion design work made by the Garment Making students of the secondary session of the school, which was part of their practical towards their examination.

Also, the school’s Jet club made a presentation on how to make use of water level indicator/ alarm to monitor the level of water flow in our houses and work places.

Furthermore, there was presentation by the Home makers club and they showcased the beads, bags and purses made by the students in the club.

Afterwards, gift presentation was made to the outstanding students in the nursery to the secondary session. In addition, there was presentation of gifts and the award of certificate of prefect training at Gurara water falls to the outgoing prefects of the school.

The occasion ended with the vote of thanks by the Propritess; Mrs. Helen Buoro and this was followed by entertainment and snapshots.