Bishop James Yisa Memorial School is an exclusive government approved co-education Day/Boarding School situated in Kwamba , Suleja, Niger State, with a very good access road. It is located in a serene environment, far from the hustle and bustle of city life which makes it ideal for teaching and learning. The school was established in 1995 with nursery and primary arms. Two years later, the secondary arm was born.

The school was a product of divine inspiration on Evang. Austin B. Buoro to tackle the anomalies prevalent in our nation’s educational system, which has over the years, led to the gradual downward slide in the standard of education, and also, to restore in our children those cherished ethics and etiquettes of our social lives fast being eroded.

Bishop James Yisa Memorial School is not just a school among others, it is a unique circular and purpose- driven school, where pupils and students from all walks of life and religion converge for academic and moral excellence. The school provides a broad-based education that enables the individuals to develop their cognitive, creative and leadership skills for self-reliance as well as national development.

In eighteen years of its establishment, the school has grown in leaps and bounds to enjoy the reputation of being one of the best schools in Niger State and beyond. Following the school’s high academic standard and discipline, in 2009, JAMB designated it as one of its centres in Suleja.

Furthermore, the school has represented both Niger State and Nigeria in both local and international competitions. For instance, the school twice was among the Nigerian team that represented Nigeria in South Korea and Tiblisi Georgia in 2007 and 2011 respectively for the International Young Physicist Tournament (IYPT) and the International Young Inventors Project Olympia(IYIPO). Locally, the school represented Niger State in the PTDF Annual Catch Them Young Competitions at the zonal level, and went ahead to represent North Central Geo-political Zone at the Federal Level. It was the same in the Presidential School’s Debates to mention but a few.

Moreover, in the bid to unearth and develop the creative potentials of her students, two musical albums produced by the students have been launched, and by the Grace of God, the sky is our limit


  • To raise decent, disciplined and well-equipped students.
  • To develop the talents, abilities and potentials of the students for all round development.
  • To develop in the students the spirit of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance.
  • To provide a broad-based education that is relevant and responsive to the individual and societal needs.
  • To encourage in the students the spirit of unity in diversity.


Morality, Discipline, Creativity And Excellence


In God We Trust

Our Mission

To develop the talents, abilities and potentials of our students for all round development.

Our Vision

To reverse the anomalies prevalent in our nation’s educational system, and to restore in our students, those cherished moral principles and values of our society that are fast going down the drain.